Wipology: Studying the Elusive WIPO Troll
The WIPO Troll

The WIPO Troll

The WIPO Troll is no more.

This site, wipo.50megs.com, was formerly the homepage of the fearsome WIPO Troll, who graced the Internet with his presence from approximately 2001–2002. Naturally, the site was quickly discovered and removed by the repulsed 50megs.com administrators. Upon noticing that the URL was once again available, we, humble wipological students, registered it and placed this WIPO Troll information site here, in order to educate—and caution—the Internetting public about the WIPO Troll. We are dedicated to the science of wipology: the study of the elusive WIPO Troll, the prototypical Slashdot crapflooder.

Curriculum Vitae: WIPO’s Work

Below is a collection of the WIPO Troll’s finest crapfloods. Be warned that some of this material is quite graphic and should not be viewed by children, the elderly, or faint of heart, nor within 72 hours of planning a meal.

WIPO on Slashdot

Our crack team of wipologists—the only known team of wipologists in the world—have been able to assemble the following list of WIPO-related Slashdot accounts. We discovered that most of these accounts were never used, or were in fact registered by someone else—perhaps a WIPO Troll fan or enemy.

  1. WIPO: The original abandoned account?
  2. WIPO Troll (never used).
  3. The WIPO Troll
  4. Fuck You Wipo Troll: Someone else (never used).
  5. George WIPO Bush.
  6. Big Old WIPO Troll.
  7. Free WIPO: Someone else (never used).
  8. Free the WIPO Troll: Someone else (never used).
  9. Osama bin WIPO (never used).
  10. WIPO New Agency (never used).
  11. J. Wipo Troll, Esq. (never used).
  12. El Ogro WIPO (no usado).
  13. Zombie WIPO Troll: Someone else.

Wipography: WIPO around the World

The WIPO Troll did not confine his prolific crapfloodery to Slashdot. Below are some of the known appearances of the WIPO Troll around the world.

Wipophiles: WIPO Admirers

No good crapflooder is without his fans and admirers.